A dish that comes from the West Crete and specifically from Sfakia.  It used to be cooked with wild goats (kri- kri) but after their hunting was banned we cook it with   young goat (kid) or sheep that have been grazing out in the fields

The mountains of Crete are full of herbs and nutritional greens so the animals to be cooked are tasteful

The wisdom of the three ingredients

2 kilos lamb or kid

1/2 cup of olive oil


The procedure

We pour the oil to be warmed and we begin to cook our meat until brown                After all  sides become brown we lower the temperature of cooking.                        Time of cooking around 2 hours , depends on the meat.                                                   When the meat has been softened we put the salt

Special notice :  We don’t add any water at all , we just cook with the meat’s juice

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